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The Billing Associates Southeast

We are a local, third party utility billing and energy management company, providing services to a limited number of multifamily and commercial real estate customers. We can assist in reducing your utility consumption and costs through site-specific programs that will lower electric, gas, and water consumption by 25% to 45% resulting in substantial money savings as well.

Our efforts and resources are focused on each customer's utility billing programs, expectations and goals. We provide experience, technology and operations superior to many larger competitors, while delivering unrivaled local service and support.

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Do your utility costs continue to increase? Over the past ten years, utility costs have outpaced inflation by 300% to 400%, yet increasing rents to cover these escalating costs can be difficult in tight markets.

Did you know utility consumption decreases by 25% to 35% when residents pay for their utilities directly? This decrease in consumption results in substantial money savings for property owners. If any portion of your resident's electric, gas, solid waste, or water and waste water costs is included in their rent, TBA Southeast has programs specifically tailored to reduce your utility expenses immediately, at NO COST to you!

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Our programs truly benefit everyone. Residents in multifamily communities, and tenants of commercial real estate developments cost of leasing generally decreases when utilities are billed and paid separate from rent. A direct correlation between utility consumption and the amount of the resident's and tenant's bills provides them direct control of their costs while incentivizing conservation.

Property owners benefit from lower overall operating costs and increased resident retention driven by separating uncontrollable utility expenses from rental costs. This certainly provides a marketing and pricing edge over properties that do not separate utilities from rent.

We all benefit from protecting our limited natural resources by the conservation efforts and results created by our programs.

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Our experienced team will perform utility expense and consumption audits for your properties to identify potential savings. We also provide design and consultation services for new construction projects.

We have site-specific programs that will reduce electric, gas, and water consumption. We also have programs that reduce and manage Internet, telecom, television and solid waste costs. Our programs generally result in 25% to 45% savings.

We have been providing utility management programs to the real-estate industry for over twelve years. We are experienced in performing utility expense and consumption audits to identify potential savings. Our audits include all energy and water consuming fixtures and equipment; plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, HVAC systems, boilers, chillers and pumps. We also analyze Internet, telecom, television and solid waste agreements. We perform the audits and analysis at our expense and then provide you with detailed reporting of our findings and recommendations.

Our audits and analysis are non-invasive and will not disrupt property operations or your residents. Most of our data is gathered by analyzing utility bills and speaking with you or your designee. Once we complete the audits and make our recommendations, TBA Southeast will manage all program implementation and training, including meeting with residents and legal and regulatory compliance.

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Many of our services can be tailored specifically to your situation and offering so please feel free to ask about each of these services.

  • Convergent Billing
  • Data Exchange
  • Auditing
  • E-bills
  • Electronic Payments
  • Energy Management
  • Vacant Unit Recovery
  • Energy Procurement
  • Meter Installations
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